T3: LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Saturday, September 13, 2014. 11th Annual Student Leadership Conference

It’s not too late to register for T3!

What is T3? T3 is a one-day leadership conference designed for newly elected student organization officers interested in developing their organizational leadership skills.

What are the benefits of T3? Participants have the opportunity to gain some of the following effective leadership skills to positively impact their student organization:

1. Understand leadership roles and responsibilities and how it impacts organizational management and membership engagement.

2. Gain insight to the practical applications offered by BeachSync.

3. Develop effective communication and marketing/advertising skills to better enhance an organization’s effectiveness.

4. Comprehend how to plan a successful event and maintain a balanced budget.

5. Cultivate personal and professional development skills.

When and Where does T3 take place? T3 takes place on Saturday, September 13th from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the University Student Union Ballrooms. 

What is the Registration Cost for T3? The registration cost is $7.00.  The all-day registration cost includes workshops, handouts, and lunch. You are welcome to bring any additional food or drinks.

What is the Attire for T3? It’s casual attire for T3!  Show your “Beach” spirit by wearing your CSULB or student organization gear.

How do I register for T3? You can register for T3 at www.csulb.edu/t3

See you there! 😀


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