Fall 2016 Org Registration Info

Calling all CSULB Arts Orgs. As we gear up for the semester it is of the utmost importance that your org be up to date so that you can utilize grants and participate with Arts Ink. To do this you will need to complete the following:

Alcohol Regulation and Compliance Form
Faculty Advisor Form
Update Org info on Beach Sync


Please email us at contact.artsink@gmail.com with questions.


Arts Ink Fall 2015, The Year of the Great Collaboration

Greetings Fellow Art Lovers,

Arts Ink is ecstatic for what is on the horizon for the 2015-2016 school year. The there is a buzz in the air among the College of the Arts and its name is Collaboration. With the unwavering support of the COTA administration and ASI funding, Arts Ink is ready to bring people together for the creative good more than ever. It is going to be awesome and we look forward to sharing what we create with you. Stay tuned for upcoming events and important updates. In the mean time

Stay strange…

For all CSULB student organizations you can find the Important forms by clicking the link below

ARCA Faculty Adviser Form 2015-2016

Spring Allocations Meeting Minutes

Thank you all for your participation and cooperation in Spring Allocations. It was great to be of service to you and your organizations. I can’t wait to see your events for next year. Arts Ink will be speaking on your behalf to the ASI board of control April 14th at 3:30pm in the ASI senate chambers in the USU. Feel free to come and see Mike in action.

For a recap of the meeting check out the meeting minutes below.

3-25-15 general minutes

To see a summary of the approved grant allocation of mounts view

2015-16 cota Summary